code of conduct for parents

Code of Conduct for Parents/Carers


As a parent/carer I will:


 Agree to abide by the rules of the club.


 Support my child in following the Code of Conduct for Swimmers.


 Encourage my children to learn the rules and play within them.


 Complete and return medical information form as requested and inform the club of any changes as and when they arise.


 Get involved with other parents and the club whenever possible, the club survives on the generosity of its volunteers.


 Speak to the coach if I have any questions regarding coaching or training. I will do so after training and not during a training session.


 Not distract the swimmer or interfere in anyway with the training session. I understand that it is essential that swimmers pay full attention to the Coach at all times.


 Discourage unfair play and arguing with officials.


 Help my child to recognise good performance and effort, not just results.


 Never force my child to take part in sports.


 Set a good example by recognising fair play and applauding the good performance of all.


 Never punish or belittle a child for losing or making mistakes. Make sure that my child knows that I appreciate their efforts and am not disappointed in them.


 Publicly accept any officials judgements.


 Support my child’s involvement and help them to enjoy sport.


 Use correct and proper language at all times.


 Ensure that nutritional needs are met in preparation for events and optimal hydration.


 Not compare the skill, courage and attitude of my child with other members of the team.


 Support my child by ensuring they arrive at training and events punctually and correctly equipped as stated in the swimmers code of conduct.


 Inform the Club of any planned absence.


 Not take picture using any means during club activities as it is strictly forbidden by the facilities provider and against club policy.


 Support the Coach by insuring best practice and following all codes of conduct and remembering that the Coach is there to help and support your child in the best way they can.


 Work with Coaches not against them. If the club changes your child’s lesson times, please remember the change is to provide appropriate levels of training and to enable your child to progress.


 Ensure that my child is supervised and that behaviour in the changing area does not reflect poorly on the club at any time.


 Make sure that outdoor footwear is removed or that shoe protectors are used in the Brighouse changing area.


 If my child is under 11 years of age I am aware that I must remain within the sports centre for the duration of the event/lesson/training session.


 Contact the Club Welfare Officer with any Compliments, Comments or concerns that I feel cannot be addressed by the Coach.


 Provide a photograph of my child for club records.


 Remember that swimming is a fun sport for all: win or lose. We think highly of all our swimmers and are proud of all achievements big or small.

Webmaster: Tony Nicholson