code of conduct for swimmers

Code of Conduct for Swimmer


As a swimmer I will:-


 Agree to abide by the rules of the club


 Be respectful of pool facilities, equipment and other pool users when

attending training. Whenever sharing facilities with the public I will be

expected to behave in the manner that reflects the good name of Brighouse

swimming club. Bad behaviour may mean I may be expelled from the club.


 Give respect to Coaches, pool observers, other club staff and the centre staff at all times.


 Be courteous and respectful to all fellow swimmers. Bullying in any shape or form (e.g. Name calling, unpleasant comments to and about other swimmers, damage to their swimmers property) will not be tolerated and may result in suspension from the club.


 Listen to the coach and train to the best of your ability at all times during



 Be on time and prepared for the start of each lesson with all equipment

(goggles, long hair tied back, correct swim wear (not shorts) other specialist

equipment as directed by the Coach)


 Attend all appropriate meets and galas as directed by the Coach.


 Encourage and support all members of the club during training and

competitions (this includes giving way to faster swimmers during training)


 Must not drink alcohol, no smoking of any kind and no use of illegal



 Not to use banned performance enhancing substances


 Conduct myself in a responsible manner whilst using the centre facilities, in particular on the poolside.


 Ensure that behaviour in the changing area does not reflect poorly on the club at any time.


 Make sure that outdoor footwear is removed or that shoe protectors are used in the Brighouse changing area.


 Understand that bad behaviour will not be tolerated especially if it affects

other swimmers or impacts on the public


 Inform the Club staff AND my Coach should you be taking any and all

medication so that records can be kept current. This includes allergies.


 Most importantly enjoy swimming!


Webmaster: Tony Nicholson