The Committee is a group of volunteers that help with the running of the club under the ASA guide lines. If you have any queries regarding the roles of the committee or would like to contact a member of the committee please use the contact page.


Michael lamb


Vice President

Steve Price




-Coordinates overall running of the club.

-Leader of meetings.

-Acting as spokesperson for Brighouse swimming club to outside bodies.

-Dealing with complaints in absence or alongside the Welfare officer.


Joanne Donovan

-All incoming and outgoing club correspondence

-Arranging meetings and taking minutes.



Kay Suddick






-All the finance issues of the club including collection of all monies related to sessions, gala entry fees and annual membership subscription.

-Renewal of all affiliations and insurance

-Purchase of replacement trophies, medals and rewards as required and engraving of trophies after galas.

Membership Secretary

Joanne Donovan







-Collection and collation of all swimmer records.

-Record details of all annual memberships

-Keep details of medical/allergy/SEN/disability needs and provide to instructors and welfare officer

-Provide copies of membership details to the ASA.

-Issue ASA membership cards where appropriate.


Gala Officer (external)

Siobhan Kaye


-Entry into galas.

-Organisation of staff for events.

-Lead officer for external galas.


Gala Officer (internal)

Lynn Sibley

-Entry into galas.

-Organisation of staff for events.

-Lead officer for internal galas.

Social and Charity Officer

Kay Suddick

-Arranging of social events

-Obtaining information for and coordination of the club newsletter.

Welfare Officer

Tom Garnett



Vice Welfare Officer

Brian Smart






-Maintenance and administration of all aspect of the ASA/club policies, child protection procedure and policy.

-Maintenance and administration of DBS check forms.

-Raise awareness of good child protection practice with all club officials, members and Parents.

Swim 21 Coordinator

Steve Price




-Liaise with ASA regional development officer, Swim 21 comity and the club on all swim21 aspects

-Keep the club committee up dated on swim21 related courses, seminars, and swim 21 accreditation requirements.


Press/Communications Officer

Schools Co-ordinator

Siobhan Kaye





-Achieving highest possible profile for the club in the local press.

-Keeping a scrap book of all the clubs achievements and social events.

-Take club photographs (following ASA guidelines on child protection at all times ).

-Promote the club wherever possible

Website Administrator



-Insure website is updated with news, gala and general information on a regular basis.

-Manage and maintain Social media sites in accordance with the clubs E-safety Policy.

Trophy Co-ordinators

Michael Lamb/Kay Suddick


-Club trophies for Brighouse galas including record of holders and safe returns.

-Insuring that trophies won at non Brighouse galas are safely returned.

General Member

Helen Hirst

Rachel Garfield

Mark Knapton

Fran Sykes

Amy Donovan

Amelia Clough

-Support the club and the committee in activities and roles as they arise.



Head Coach

Brian Smart














-Support the club and the committee in activities and roles as they arise.

-Develops a teaching and coaching strategy for the club for both competitive and non-competitive swimmers, with reference to the ASA teaching plan. Guides all teaching throughout the club in discussion with other Teachers.

-Plan, deliver and lead coaching sessions and coaching plans appropriate to the ability (and needs) of the swimmers.

-Devise a strategy for the competitive representation of the Club, including identifying appropriate external galas to attend and deal with all aspects of the logistics involved.

History of the Club

The club actually started in about 1882 as "The Brighouse & Rastrick Amateur Swimming Club" and changed the name at the AGM in 1895 to Brighouse Amateur Swimming Club . The club are thought to have used a millpond until the Ramsden's Baths was opened in 1890, this was located on the left side of Bramston Street opposite Hillside Garage, "Bath Place" bears proof to its existence. Water for the pool was obtained from water drained from the hillside above .When a Corporation Tip was built higher up the valley it polluted the water and the Baths had to close in 1903.

The Corporation Baths in Millroyd Street Brighouse were opened in 1913 and the swimming club used the pool there until it closed in 2006 ,due to a problem with the roof.

Even though the Club had no 'home pool' it continued with lessons by using other pools in the surrounding area until the new pool was opened in October 2010 at Bradford Road, Brighouse.

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